Biden Aides Having An Increasingly Challenging Time

The longer Biden’s presidency drags out, the more apparent it becomes that all is not well on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Aside from this President attempting to push illegal mandates (and thankfully getting them struck down by the courts) and having poor policies, his aides don’t seem to be faring too well.

Multiple employees of the current White House stepped down last year, with only months on the job. Reports from 2021 also indicated that more of the President’s employees are expected to turn in their two-week notice during specific points of this year.

Lately, White House chief of staff Ron Klain has come under fire from the public. It is due to the falling apart of Biden’s policies, poll numbers, and many issues facing the United States.

It’s created a situation where people look at Klain and wonder what he’s doing. However, according to RedState, these speculations and criticisms are causing other aides of the White House to have a hard time.

Klain has chosen to run the Biden Administration as the chief of staff has put him on a collision course with Democrats such as Sen. Joe Manchin, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other lawmakers.

For instance, outgoing Democrat Rep. Stephanie Murphy has publicly suggested the chief of staff to Biden needs to read the polls. Murphy also believes that the White House needs to adopt more “pragmatic” approaches to matters, rather than embracing whatever the hard left decides is most progressive.

In a nutshell, those close to and within the Biden Administration who disagree with Klain’s leadership share the views of Rep. Murphy. Meanwhile, Biden’s chief of staff repeatedly ignores claims that his leadership brand alienates centrists and swing voters.

All in all, this tension and hatred between a key White House aide and lawmakers creates tension for everyone in the Biden Administration. This tension has been accelerated by the Senate’s rejection of Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and his appeal to end the filibuster.

The rate at which things are going for the White House is not sustainable. With all the ongoing chaos and dysfunction, they beg aides to resign and seek work elsewhere.

The failure of the Biden Administration is rooted in a weak foundation. The President doesn’t know where he is half the time, and his policies don’t make sense. Meanwhile, Ron Klain appears poised to remain as the administration’s chief of staff.