Biden announces it’s your ‘patriotic duty’ to get jabbed with the experimental COVID vaccine

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So much for “my body, my self”!

Yesterday, while patting himself on the back for carrying out the program established by President Trump to create, produce, and distribute vaccines against COVID-19, President Biden announced a first-ever “patriotic duty” to get vaccinated. Just over nine minutes into the speech that he read off a teleprompter, he stated:

I’m calling on every employer, large and small, in every state, to give employees the time off they need with pay to get vaccinated and any time they need with pay to recover if they’re feeling under the weather after the shot. No working American should lose a single dollar from their paycheck because they chose to fulfill their patriotic duty of getting vaccinated. [emphasis added}

If the Constitution is being reinterpreted to mean that the state can impose medical procedures on its citizenry as a duty, then given the below-replacement-level birthrate, can the state impose a “duty” on pregnant women to carry their unborn children until birth?

I wonder what the feminists think of the idea of the state imposing medical procedures as a “duty.”