Biden Apparently Sleeps Through Maui Wildfire Survivors Assembly

U.S. presidents have many duties, and not the least is to be the “mourner-in-chief” when there is a national tragedy. As such, President Joe Biden finally made it to Maui on Monday to pay his respects to the victims of the horrific wildfires of Aug. 8 and tour the area.

In the process, he apparently managed to squeeze in a nap during a somber memorial service.

Critics noted Biden appeared to close his eyes and doze for at least nine seconds during the ceremony. This only compounded a clumsy visit to the island that drew much ridicule for the Democrat.

Locals were already seething over the perceived lack of federal support after the tragedy. While Joe and Jill Biden’s motorcade wove its way across the island, it was met with boos and middle fingers by upset residents.

Some even waved Trump 2024 flags at the passing president.

The tone-deaf Democrat did not help himself when he spoke to gatherings in Maui. He gave a rambling speech in which he referenced the 1972 deaths of his wife and baby daughter before telling the crowd of a kitchen fire at his Delaware residence.

As if that had any bearing on their horrific loss. The president also quipped that the ground was “hot” and he needed different shoes. This is leadership?

Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN) demanded that Biden step down after his latest display of incompetence. “This is absolutely disgusting,” he posted on social media.

An even more pointed criticism was launched by Rogan O’Handley of Turning Point USA. He noted that Biden was caught looking at his watch while 13 caskets of dead American servicemen were being returned from his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

O’Handley added, “Well now he just fell asleep during a ceremony in Hawaii honoring the hundreds of Americans killed by the fires.”

The White House, of course, denied that the president slumbered during the service. Spokesperson Andrew Bates ridiculed critics. “It is unfortunate they feel the need to lie. Instead, they should join him in supporting the people of Maui.

The death toll from the tragic fires stood at 115 as of Monday. Estimates are that as many as 800 or more lost their lives.