Biden Appointee Calls On UN To Order The US To Pay Reparations

Justin Hansford, who was appointed by President Joe Biden to the United Nations Permanent Forum on People of African Descent, is now advocating for the intergovernmental body to create a “new bar association” designed to “start the process of apology and reparation.”

Hansford, a Law Professor, was appointed to the forum to serve as an independent expert.

Speaking with the forum late last week, the Biden appointee used the UN’s previous support for reparations for human rights violations in an attempt to guilt the intergovernmental body into supporting reparations for Black Americans.

“That includes monetary compensation proportionate to the gravity of the harms done to our people… and the ending of cultural genocide,” he said, adding that they should also support other reparations proposals including laws to “ensure that the continuation of slavery that in the United States we call mass incarceration would begin to stop.”

Hansford also complained that “White scholars” and “White lawyers” have previously been in charge of determining the specifics of reparations — proposing instead that the UN create a “new bar association” made up of legal scholars who he claimed would “come together and demand that many of the states in this room that have benefited from the legacy of our oppression start the process of apology and reparation, but not on their terms but on our terms.”

The Biden administration appointee previously supported reparations in San Francisco, despite the fact that California has never been a slave-owning state — joining the United States as a free state in 1850.

While San Francisco’s city board supported a plan that would give qualifying Black residents a shocking $5 million each, Hansford claimed that sum was not enough — arguing that no municipal plan would be enough to right the injustice of slavery.

“If you’re going to try to say you’re sorry, you have to speak in the language that people understand, and money is that language,” the Biden appointee said in March, according to the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, Americans have condemned Hansford’s demands on social media.

Popular Twitter account @amuse called his comments treason and argued that “Democrats don’t want democracy – they want fascism.”