Biden Border Crisis Sees Surge In Illegal Chinese Migrants

The Biden administration’s open border policies have led to not only an influx of millions of illegal migrants from Central and South America but also a concerning rise in Chinese nationals arriving at the southern border. This situation, coupled with the entry of individuals on the FBI’s terrorist watch list, poses a serious security threat to the United States. Yet President Biden seems oblivious to the dangers, as his administration continually denies the existence of a border crisis.

In an interview on “America Right Now,” noted China expert Gordon Chang highlighted the possibility of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Ministry of State Security agents entering the U.S. through the southern border.

He claimed that war in Asia could be fought on American soil. Moreover, these agents could wreak havoc by detonating bombs and causing widespread chaos. Chang’s concerns should not be taken lightly. The Biden administration’s porous border presents an ideal opportunity for enemy agents to infiltrate the country.

Recent data from the Customs and Border Protection agency reveals a staggering increase in Chinese migrants apprehended at the border. Over 4,000 have been caught this year, more than double the 2022 total and well on track to surpass the previous record of 2,439 in 2016.

The surge also appears to be a reaction to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s domestic policies, with thousands of Chinese migrants and asylum seekers making the treacherous journey through the Darién Gap jungle between Colombia and Panama. With such a large influx, it is reasonable to assume that PLA or Ministry of State Security agents could be hiding among them.

In addition to these security threats, the Biden administration’s open borders policies have led to a significant increase in migrant encounters. The first year of Biden’s presidency saw 1.7 million encounters, followed by 2.3 million in 2022. This year’s figures are expected to surpass last year’s, with 900,000 apprehensions in the first three months alone. These numbers illustrate the United States’ image as a soft touch and the shift in demographics at the border.

Despite the mounting evidence of the danger involved with the border crisis, the White House continues to focus on Republican demands for budget cuts instead of addressing the real issue at hand. The administration claims that the GOP’s plan would reduce the number of border patrol agents and hinder their ability to combat illegal border crossings and criminal activities.

While the Biden administration remains preoccupied with climate change, the security and sovereignty of the United States are under constant threat. President Biden’s ineptitude and denial of a border crisis have created a ticking time bomb with potentially disastrous consequences for the country.