Biden Busts Out Some Whopping Personal Lies

President Biden says many falsehoods, and we can’t even begin to name them all. No one can. When he attended law school at Delaware State College, a Historically Black College/University, he claims he “got started.” He went to Archmere (Catholic) Academy in Wilmington, then the University of Delaware in Newark, and then Syracuse Law. On October 21, Biden said that C’mon! That’s how he got his start!

During a speech at Delaware State University, President Joe Biden was accused of lying about attending an HBCU (Historically Black College University). According to the institution, he has also erroneously claimed to have been a civil rights activist in the past, which has no record of his ever attending.

Joe Biden might have been thinking of another false claim he made in 2020, claiming that he was involved in civil rights activism as a youngster. Biden stated in 1987, “He was not an activist.” He worked in an all-black swimming facility in Wilmington, Delaware’s east side. President Joe Biden earned his legal degree in 1968, clerked at a Wilmington firm, and then served as a public defender until 1969 when he was 26 years old. Biden made the bogus assertion that Amtrak employee Angelo Negri welcomed him and tweaked his cheek in 2015, 2012, or 2013, depending on the version, the day before in Avoca, Pennsylvania.

“It’s a genuine story,” Joe Biden informed his audience in Avoca, Pennsylvania. No, it isn’t “based on actual events.” A photo of Biden holding the brown-frosting retirement cake exists. On April 30, according to Biden’s version of the story, he rode Amtrak to see his ill mother. However, she passed away in 2010. According to Joe Biden, Senator Tom witnessed the 1946 Nuremburg Trials and toured Dachau and other Nazi concentration camps during WWII. Joe Biden claims that as soon as his children and grandkids turn 15, he takes them to Holocaust memorial sites. It can tell that we already smelled a dead rat here.

Moreover, Joe Biden claims to have visited Dachau and Birkenau. Still, his account of the Nazi concentration camps does not include any residences with “beautiful, red tile roofs right up near the fence line.” But the question is why Nazis would purposefully create a concentration camp in a residential area. Well, as we know, when lies are repeated, and details change, as is the case here, they unravel.