Biden Campaign Projects Trump Will Win Nomination, Predicts Tight General Election

President Joe Biden is gearing up for what could be a nail-biting rematch against Donald Trump in the 2024 general election. A year ahead of the crucial vote, Biden’s team is laying out a blueprint that goes back to themes from his previous campaign, eyeing to solidify the support of his voter base.

Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez has expressed a strategy focusing on the general election.

The campaign’s recent advertisement points to Biden’s dedication to issues taxing the wealthy, promoting abortion through legislation, and increasing restrictions on gun owners.

Rodriguez claims that she remains confident, stating, “This campaign will win by doing the work and ignoring the outside chatter — just like we did in 2020” — Uh oh.

Polls suggest that a Biden-Trump race would be intensely competitive. Trump has taken a giant lead in the Republican primary, topping the polls in strategic states despite facing several legal challenges.

On the other hand, Biden’s campaign is not shying away from its belief that the upcoming election “will be a clear choice for the American people.” Most independents and conservatives agree, but the choice they make will likely not be the president who has damaged so many important aspects of American life, from travel to simply visiting the grocery store.

The president’s job approval ratings certainly have room for improvement, with a significant portion of the public disapproving of his economic management. In response, the campaign has initiated an extensive advertising campaign aimed at changing public perception, targeting key demographics, and gaining support in battleground states well in advance.

The campaign’s strategy memo overlooks concerns about Biden’s age, despite a considerable number of Americans, including Democrats, perceiving it as a potential issue. The Biden team’s hope is likely that Americans will not see the stark contrast between life in America under the Trump administration and the tumultuous and troubling world Americans have been exposed to under the current regime.