Biden ‘Casts Doubt’ On The Security Of The November Midterms

The November midterms are shaping up to be disastrous for the Democrat Party. For one thing, the President, who worked hard to get into office, has a low approval rating of 33%.

Meanwhile, polls show that Americans are worried about inflation, largely unhappy with Biden’s response to the economy, and concerned about the country’s direction.

To top it all off, record numbers of Democrats in the House of Representatives have confirmed they will not defend their seats during this election cycle.

In November, the midterm elections will be a slam-dunk for the GOP and various Republican candidates. It could explain why Joe Biden has just cast doubt on whether or not these elections will be secure, as reported by PJ Media.

Biden was questioned whether he believes the midterm races will be secure during a Wednesday press conference.

The 46th President responded by declaring that the security of the midterms would ultimately depend upon whether or not Democrats can pass various elections takeover bills through Congress.

What’s most ironic about this is Biden, and his allies have stated that the most recent presidential election was the most secure in the country’s history. However, when it comes to midterms (which Democrats appear nearly guaranteed to lose), Biden is now saying that it will only be secure if the political left gets its way.

Interestingly enough, social media companies haven’t yanked down Biden or accused him of spreading misinformation. However, this is precisely the treatment that big tech gave to conservatives and Trump supporters who raised questions about the security of elections.

On Wednesday, Democrats also failed in their efforts to overturn the filibuster. It means the political left will not be able to pass the various election takeover bills they want to make the law of the land.

If Democrats believe the 2020 presidential election was the most secure in history, they must apply this logic to the upcoming midterms.

Republicans are on a roll when connecting with voters and presenting alternative paths forward. Americans have seen what happens when Democrats call the shots, and it’s not a pretty picture.

Both Biden and the Democrat Party need to prepare to lose control of the House and the Senate come November. The American people have officially had more than enough.