Biden CONCEALED The Costs Of ‘Retreat And Defeat’ In Afghanistan To Congress

In America, Congress declares war. Or at least they are supposed to.

Congress provides oversight. Except when it beclowns itself with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Mitch McConnell at the helm making a mockery of impeachment, hearings, and committee testimony.

When Congress is weak and foolish, it refers to the President’s powers that they should not have. We suffer as a people.

Biden, who can barely remember his name, knows how incompetent the people running Congress are because he is a swamp product. That is why he decided to withhold information about his phone call on July 23 with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

Once again, the President of the United States becomes the pasty and fall guy for the Deep State and Democrat Party apparatus running the show. We have a president by proxy in Biden.

Biden tried to use his powers of persuasion to convince the corrupt President of the struggling Asian powder keg to help him look good. The circumstances in Afghanistan were deteriorating, and Biden knew it. Instead of dealing with the problem, he tried to shift blame. He admitted that the Taliban was gaining ground and revolting against Ghani’s feeble and unethical joke of a military. The fighting-age men in Afghanistan would instead protect themselves rather than their wives and children.

Biden wanted Ghani to “project an alternate picture” than what was happening in Afghanistan. As if we can change reality based on what the media tells everyone. Rather than beating the Taliban, maybe we can pretend that we beat them. What kind of insane imaginary magical thinking is this?

Biden endeavored to avoid blame for breaking Afghanistan. He only wanted to get credit for the withdrawal on September 11, 2021. By actively ignoring the Taliban’s capacity to assume control over the country, Biden created the conditions where young Afghan men die after bouncing off the airport tarmac. A suicide bomber blows up 13 Marines.

Biden administration officials must brief Congress in a mid-year review. There is no plausible way that Joe Biden is not responsible for his regime’s lies. He had to present the risks of pulling out from Afghanistan. He obscured the fact that he suspected that the Afghan government and military would quickly crumble. The buck stops here. Joe Biden, in his capacity as commander in chief, is derelict in his duty. He is a disgrace. And the sad fact is that removing him from the office will not solve the problem. He is a symptom of a far deeper ailment, deep state infection.

Biden tried to make the bogus cases American and Afghan partners could safely leave the country by not giving that report. As if running away before the cutoff

Only a complete dunce thought that the Afghan armed force would hold Kabul after we left. The Taliban demonstrated for 20 years their strategy was to fight the US with sabotage, guerilla warfare, corruption, and assassination. It is what a technologically inferior third-world terror group must do to hold its own. After wearing us down, they planned to wait until we left and then emerge from under the rocks and cave to reclaim the nation.

Of course, Circle Back Jen Psaki did not acknowledge the damning leaked call. When Democrats say that Biden misled them, they are participating in the charade. When Republicans say that Biden lied to them, they are demonstrating their incompetence.

Republican Representative Kat Cammack (FL) guffawed that Biden “lied to the American public, to Congress, to the world.” She feels demoralized. She notes that our military is obligated to help our diplomats. We are trying to help people escape a country overrun with terrorists. How did it come to this? Even with 20 years of protection, the people of Afghanistan could not figure out how to govern themselves. Tribalism and warlords run the country. The overly optimistic State Department drives this activity, putting soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines in harm’s way.

Democrat Representative Robert Menendez (NJ) expressed his dismay at the Biden concealment. He was told that the Afghan Defense and Security Forces were capable. He wants answers to his questions, what happened to the Afghan soldiers, hardware, and their supposed eagerness to do battle? He noted that we spent billions of dollars yet the ANDSF’s inability to put together even moderate resistance to the Taliban merits answers.

Democrat Representative Byron Donalds (Fla.) placed the blame squarely on Biden’s shoulders for the 13 dead service members because of his sudden and embarrassing failures.