Biden Could End Up ‘Dropping The Ball’ On This Crucial Matter

On one policy matter after the other, Joe Biden has consistently let down the United States. Look no further than immigration on the US-Mexico southern border.

Shortly after getting into the White House, Biden took it upon himself to undo all of the work from President Trump as it pertains to border security. The results of this have been ongoing, massive, and historic surges of drugs, human traffickers, illegal immigrants, and abandoned children discarded at the border.

Immigration is one of many examples where the 46th president made a mess of things. Towards the end of last year, Biden tapped into the nation’s critical, emergency oil reserves due to rising gas prices.

However, Biden himself engendered these higher prices by striking down oil pipelines and triggering an inflation crisis, along with supply chain complications.

In light of the president’s abysmal track record, the question has now come up as to whether or not he’ll drop the ball on cybersecurity, as reported by PJ Media.

Amid the new year, cybersecurity is a significant issue that the country must be on guard with. Last year, the Colonial Pipeline, US meat manufacturers, and other entities suffered cybersecurity attacks.

The vast majority of 2021’s cyberattacks likewise occurred under the Biden administration’s watch, with the president preparing ill-equipped to respond to them accordingly.

This year, Americans are faced with the possibility of additional cyberattacks. Cybercriminals, hackers, ransomware users, etc., are increasingly savvy and capable of launching these onslaughts to get their way.

If Biden and his administration can’t deal with these problems accordingly, it will put the nation mainly at risk. Thus far, the White House hasn’t put out any public initiatives or strategies for safeguarding the nation and our critical supplies from cybersecurity attacks.

Conclusion: there’s no doubt that how this year plays out regarding our nation’s cybersecurity will have a massive impact on the midterm elections. Cybersecurity plays a critical role in America’s national security at large; if we can’t stop criminals from hacking into our supplies and demanding large payouts, it will send a worldwide message of weakness.

In addition to matters of cybersecurity, additional issues that will carry weight in the midterms later this year include inflation, public safety, gun rights, the supply chain, etc. Each of these topics is where Democrats have consistently made a mess of things and abdicated their roles as leaders.