Biden Courts Progressives Before Announcing Reelection Campaign, Rice Resigns

As Joe Biden prepares to announce his reelection campaign, he has taken steps to reassure progressive voters by implementing a series of executive actions. These moves come in response to the administration’s inability to address key progressive issues in the first half of his term, including voting rights, abortion access, immigration policy, and domestic oil production.

In anticipation of Biden’s reelection campaign announcement next week, he has unveiled several executive orders to placate progressive constituents. Among these are initiatives to expand the care economy, reduce family childcare costs, and improve access to affordable long-term care. The president has also taken action on climate change, convening the Major Economies Forum on Energy and signing an executive order to advance environmental justice.

Despite these efforts, Biden’s administration has not made significant progress on gun violence, another critical issue for progressives. Nevertheless, the president plans to host the “Tennessee Three,” a group of state lawmakers who led anti-gun violence protests in their state, at the White House.

Though Biden is the likely Democratic nominee for 2024, many within the party still desire an alternative candidate. A recent Associated Press poll revealed that while most Democrats would prefer someone else, 81% would still support Biden in the general election. Progressive challengers like Marianne Williamson, who recently launched her presidential bid, aim to capitalize on this sentiment.

Biden’s reelection plans were undoubtedly affected by the announcement Monday morning that Susan Rice is stepping down as the president’s domestic policy advisor. Rice, previously known for her foreign policy work as National Security Advisor and UN Ambassador, has led the Domestic Policy Council for over two years. Under her leadership, the council has worked on various issues, such as expanding the Affordable Care Act, reducing gun violence, and advancing police reform.

Biden expressed his gratitude for Rice’s service: “Thanks to her tireless efforts, we have embedded equity into the work of the entire federal government.” Rice has also taken to Twitter to share her appreciation for the opportunity to serve, highlighting the dedicated public servants in the White House.

As the upcoming election cycle approaches, Joe Biden’s attempts to court progressive voters and Susan Rice’s resignation signal a shifting landscape in the administration. Time will tell whether Biden’s recent moves will be enough to secure him a second term in office.