Biden ‘Crashes And Burns’ In New Podcast Interview

It is par for the course for Joe Biden to humiliate himself, despite holding the office of President of the United States.

Biden made all sorts of outlandish statements, such as comparing conservatives to segregationists and declaring himself as a President who is “outperforming.”

Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, this President insists that he is doing an excellent job of guiding the country.

Unfortunately, Biden’s worse job, the more solidified he becomes in his misguided view that he’s leading admirably. It was especially apparent during an interview that Biden gave to left-wing Podcaster Brian Cohen, as RedState points out.

While speaking with Cohen days ago, Biden made a series of comments showing how far removed from reality he’s become.

The current President spoke about wanting to leave behind a legacy of “reconstructing” the alliances of the United States and unite US politics once more.

It is ironic because this is precisely the opposite of Biden’s done. He’s damaged America’s geopolitical alliance by showing weakness, fear, and submission to US enemies.

Meanwhile, Biden isn’t doing anything to bring US politics together when he’s lashing out against Americans who don’t want COVID vaccines and trashing Republicans.

At another point on Cohen’s Podcast, Biden declared that COVID engendered a psychological flaw in Americans that rendered them incapable of seeing how he’s made their lives better and bettered the economy.

Again, this is both ironic and demonstrably untrue. As Biden boasts what a supposedly fantastic job he’s done for the economy, inflation is still a crippling problem, as are low consumer confidence levels and the supply chain bottlenecks.

Since giving an interview riddled with falsehoods, Biden’s been taken to the woodshed on social media.

At this point in Biden’s presidential term, it’s more apparent than ever that he’s not going to change his ways. This President has been wrong at every turn. Yet, he congratulates himself publicly and declares that all of his critics are backward.

For the remainder of Biden’s time as President, the country can get used to more displays of arrogance, ignorance, and obliviousness from the 46th President.

Nevertheless, the one silver lining to this is as Biden does a terrible job as President, he’s digging a grave for his political party and paving the way for back-to-back GOP election wins.