Biden DOJ To Release Huawei Fraudster Back To China

The Biden Administration has come to an understanding with China to release the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei, the Spyware company that had fraudulent telecommunication links with the Chinese military. 

The Canadian authorities arrested the Chinese national and the senior executive of Huawei Men Wanzhou in 2018 upon request of the American authorities. She was charged with financial fraud and trade espionage by the federal courts, which hold up to 10 years. But after her arrest, the Chinese Government imprisoned two Canadian nationals, including former diplomat Michael Kovrig and senior consultant Michael Spavor. They were detained as hostages in the Meng case just days after her arrest in 2018. Although Beijing may have tried to bargain the release of the two Canadians in exchange for Meng, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ruled out any possibility for such a bargain. 

The claims against the former diplomat and senior consultant were declared ‘groundless’ and ‘politically motivated’ by Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Still, Kovrig and Spavor continued to be detained by the Chinese Government. The whole case was pretty complicated as Meng was the force behind Huawei and the daughter of the company’s owner. The company had formed ties with the Chinese military after its exploding growth in the 2010s and potentially formed surveillance tools to spy upon the Uyghur Muslims. The American and Chinese Ambassadors were summoned after the allegations were made on the company and warned them of severe consequences for such ‘extremely vicious’ charges. 

Even though Meng was charged with all these allegations, she had a significant role in redefining America’s relations with China. It was pretty surprising to see that the Biden Administration has decided to have her released after three years of a hostage situation on both sides, even after Biden met with Japan, India, and Australia, the three Indo-Pacific democracies, to counter China’s growing influence. But mere hours after her release, the two Michaels were also released, and you would be an idiot not to understand that a deal was made between Biden and the Chinese President.