Biden Drags Down Terry McAuliffe In Virginia

The Cook Political Report has revised its Virginia governor’s race prediction from “lean Democratic” to “tossup.” According to a neutral political forecaster, Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic contender and former governor, has long been seen as having an advantage in the increasingly blue state. Recent polls show either a Republican Glenn Youngkin advantage or a close McAuliffe lead within a margin of error for McAuliffe.

According to a Washington Post survey, Joe Biden’s popularity rating has plummeted to an all-time low in Virginia, a state he handily carried in 2016. According to a Gallup survey, just 43% of people in the state approve of his performance as president. According to a political expert, voters have turned against Biden because they don’t see ‘the return to normal’ he promised following Donald Trump’s four years in power.

According to former CIA director John Walter, President Joe Biden’s foreign policy blunders have left Afghanistan “anxious and divided” and the United States facing “greater turmoil on the southern border.” Legislation supporting his domestic agenda has “devolved into intra-party warfare,” Walter said that while he “becomes more of a powerless observer.”

The difference is attributed to Youngkin’s tough-on-crime commercials and his ability to outspend his Democratic opponent. The gubernatorial elections in Virginia are frequently seen as forerunners to the midterm elections the following year.

President Joe Biden campaigned for Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and the Democratic Party in the 2022 midterm elections. We have to keep making the argument, said Biden, furthermore he said that even though the Republican Party today is nothing but fear, falsehoods, and failed promises. Democrats, according to Mr. Biden, “must keep breaking through the Republican cloud that government is the issue.”

In 2020, Mr. Biden carried Virginia by over 450,000 votes, and the state has gone Democratic in every presidential election since 2008. However, the state’s off-year governor and House of Delegates elections are always contested, and this year’s governor’s race is no different.