Biden ‘Ducking’ And ‘Dodging’ The Press Backfires

The Biden Administration came under heavy scrutiny in 2021 for essentially driving to keep the President from having to talk to the press. It was something that Biden’s handlers ultimately decided upon. However, it certainly didn’t do him any favors.

The White House had no choice but to get out of the way and allow the President to speak with the media on some occasions. These occasions have been littered with Biden claiming that he’ll get himself into trouble answering specific questions or going over a particular time.

It is as cringe-worthy as it is disturbing. After all, as the President, who would Biden be getting into trouble with? RedState is now shining a light on Biden’s problematic relationship with the media thus far.

This week, the Associated Press put out a piece that details how the 46th president’s numbers of media conferences pale compared to other commanders in chief before him.

For instance, nearly one year into his term, Biden’s only given 22 interviews to reporters. It is a far cry from the number of interviews other presidents had passed by when they reached close to the one-year marker of their terms.

Later, the Associated Press drew attention to the reality that Biden’s only given nine formal news conferences. Once again, this is nothing when contrasted with the same number of formal media events that other presidents had about one year into their tenures.

Biden’s lack of interactions with the media is something conservatives have been calling out since nearly the inception of his presidency. Now, it appears as though reporters are no longer willing to look the other way on this.

As America heads into the second year of Biden’s tenure, it begs to question whether or not he’ll step up and stop trying to hide from the media. Ultimately, Biden’s handlers are likely to be the ones to make this call.

There is the possibility of the 46th president being made to get out there more. After all, the midterms are coming up in less than 11 months, and the Democrat Party is already in damage control mode.

Then again, with all the issues Biden’s got with slurring his words, making unintelligible remarks, and otherwise embarrassing himself, his handlers may determine keeping his actions with the press to a minimum is best.