Biden Energy Aide’s Salary is Making Headlines

Today, Sam Brinton works as a top official within the Nuclear Energy office of the Department of Energy. Despite landing a high-level role in the federal government, Brinton’s stirred up a fair amount of controversy.

Many Americans take issue with Brinton’s previous defense in 2015 of the website Rentboy. As the name alludes to, this website centered around the prostitution of minors, thereby causing it to be closed down altogether.

Additional behaviors from Brinton that many people view as red flags include his college campus speeches about graphically suggestive proclivities and various comments about roleplay.

All things considered, the Biden administration took a lot of heat after still going forward with hiring Brinton. Now, the news of the current salary he’s making on the dime of the US taxpayers has a lot of people talking.

What to Know About Brinton’s Salary
As an energy aide for the Biden administration, Brinton earns an annual salary of more than $178,000. This information was revealed following a request under the Freedom of Information (FOIA) Act.

A salary of this magnitude overshadows what many other federal government workers bring in. $178,000 per year is also many times higher than what the average American makes after working 40 hours per week.

In light of Brinton’s history, public advocacy choices, and behavior, many Americans don’t agree with their taxpayer dollars funding his wages. This is especially true as the wages of everyday folks are eaten alive by 9.1% inflation.

The Biden administration has yet to provide a concrete explanation for hiring someone with Brinton’s background and reputation.

The Mystery Surrounding Brinton’s Hiring
Brinton was hired to work for the Energy Department back in January 2022. Although the details surrounding his hiring have raised questions.

For instance, one whistleblower connected to the Energy Department alleged that “irregularities” were permitted throughout the process of hiring and onboarding Brinton.

In a letter, this whistleblower also appeared to imply that Brinton lacked genuine qualifications to work for the Energy Department and was merely hired to fulfill a political and social quota.

Brinton’s hiring not only gave him a top-level salary, but also provided him with elite, Q-level clearance that grants access to sensitive data.