Biden Excuses Russian War Crimes for Iran Nuclear Deal

Donald Trump said of the Obama Iran Nuclear Deal, that “This was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made.” So, Trump ended an agreement that would have put American lives, friends and interests in danger. Biden is doing the opposite, threatening the USA and our allies from the Oval Office with inconsistent, inept and insane actions.

The anti-President Biden has guaranteed Russian President Vladimir Putin that he will not pursue sanctions for “war crimes”. Biden is a sock puppet for international interests like John Kerry who proposed that the Iran nuclear arrangement must include Russian support.

Rosatom, a Russian energy conglomerate, has a $10 billion agreement with Iran. Roastom will develop nuclear energy capacity and Tehran’s Bushehr atomic plant. Moscow and Washington D.C. confirmed that the new Iran deal has language that will defer sanctions.

Putin is using this as leverage to get Biden to reduce sanctions that are squashing Russia. Biden has been telling the world how mad he is about Russia’s attack on Ukraine while doing very little to end it.

Rob Malley, Biden’s Iran emissary, talked with Putin’s ambassador and cut out the nuclear deal. Iran will not meet with Malley, so he’s using Russia as a go between. And Biden cannot wait to reinstitute the Obama nuclear deal with Iran, the world’s most egregious state sponsor of terrorist against American.

A new deal would fill Iran’s accounts with billions of dollars.

Putin has been bombarding nonmilitary Ukrainian infrastructure. As Biden will only mumble that Russia would be liable for war crimes, he is unwilling to advance the prosecution of Russians actions. Instead, he seems more concerned with the Iran uranium program. So, he wants to allow Russian to continue business with Iran, holding out hope that it will get signatures on a worthless piece of paper.

Biden is the modern Neville Chamberlain shouting “Peace in our time!” while dictators move forward.

Russia and the relationship it has with Iran should be a problem, not a solution for the Biden White House.

However, Biden is giving Russia precisely what it needed, open declarations of nonsensical promises that will never be fulfilled. Ned Price, a Biden State Department spokesperson has affirmed that the U.S. would not endorse Russian support for Iranian nuclear power in Obama’s 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Do these foolish politicians think that giving a bad deal a fancy acronym makes it feasible and useful?