Biden Faces Consequences If Aware Of Hunter’s Deposition Decision

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley made an appearance on “Hannity” on Friday. He addressed Hunter Biden’s refusal to attend a scheduled deposition before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

Fox guest host Kayleigh McEnany asked Turley about his perspective on why it might be considered a “mistake” if President Joe Biden was aware of Hunter’s decision to skip the hearing.

In Turley’s opinion, Joe Biden’s awareness of Hunter’s intentions to skip the deposition hearing would represent the “worst possible scenario” for the Biden administration.

Turley explained that the Oversight Committee has the option to pursue “four articles of impeachment,” He said there are “very clear instructions” pertaining to legal issues of this nature.

Turley said, “Well, there are about four articles of impeachment that are the most likely to be pursued by the committee — one of them is obstruction, another is the abuse of power. Having the president involved in advance in any way to the contempt of Congress is the worst possible scenario for the Biden team. I can’t imagine how that could have occurred.”

He continued, “It’s not that you’re telling a father not to speak to his son, but you give very clear instructions that it’s in neither of your interest for you to discuss his testimony before Congress. It certainly wouldn’t be in your interest to talk about the potential commission of a federal crime.”

During the interview, Turley emphasized that contempt of Congress a federal crime that has been vigorously pursued in past instances.

He said, “Contempt of Congress is a federal crime. And the Department of Justice aggressively pursued people like Bannon and Navarro for not appearing in a committee. So if the president knew about that in advance and supported it — it just gives another front for Congress to pursue in this inquiry.”

After making the decision to skip his deposition, Hunter Biden chose to address reporters on Capitol Hill. He took the opportunity to claim he was the focus of an “unrelenting Trump attack machine.”

In response to the incident, Chairman James Comer (R-KY) of the House Oversight Committee and Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) of the House Judiciary Committee issued a statement saying they would pursue contempt of Congress proceedings against the president’s son.