Biden Faces Serious Criticism Over Saudi Arabia Trip

Next month, Joe Biden is planning to take a trip to visit Saudi Arabia, of all places.

Per the White House, the purpose of the president’s visit will be to focus on matters involving human rights, economic gains, regional security, food supply, and more. Biden will also plead with Saudi Arabia for oil, despite the United States’ clear capabilities of domestic oil production.

The energy aspect of Biden’s visit has been routinely called out. However, the subject of Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the LGBTQ community has come up as well.

Biden claimed to be a supporter of the LGBTQ community. He recently signed an executive order designed to bolster the community. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia is one of the most anti-LGBTQ nations on the planet.

In light of this clear conflict of interest, the White House has been asked to explain what, exactly, Biden thinks he’s doing.

Another Bump in the Road For the Biden Administration
On Wednesday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned about why the president claims to support the LGBTQ community while planning to visit a nation that criminalizes people within this community.

To this end, Jean-Pierre claimed the White House is involved in global work to shield LGBTQ+ individuals from persecution and abuse.

The press secretary then followed this up by stating the White House empowers LGBTQ+ people and collaborates with similar nations to ensure this community gets emergency assistance and other services when necessary.

Despite affirming the White House believes human rights are “universal,” Jean-Pierre never quite really answered the question that was asked.

The reality is that despite everything she said, Biden is still going to one of the most anti-LGBTQ countries on the planet. In Saudi Arabia, it’s a criminal offense to be gay.

The country has furthermore put laws on the books that require both genders to adhere to Sharia Law attire and nothing else.

A Waste of a Trip
It is the view of many Americans that Biden shouldn’t even be planning to visit Saudi Arabia. Despite the White House’s mention of regional security and other issues, there are all sorts of domestic affairs here in the United States that need to be addressed.

Unfortunately, the White House continues to turn a blind eye to these affairs. The administration would much rather stick to its own agendas of heavy spending and radical climate change than actually deliver for Americans in grave need of help.