Biden Gets A New Nickname As Americans Vent Over Supply Chain Crisis

Joe Biden’s statements on supply chain disruptions as Americans experience shortages around the country are trending at number one on Twitter. People are so angry with the way Joe Biden is doing his job that he’s turned into a meme generator. “#EmptyShelvesJoe.”

There was a backlog of 65 container ships seeking to come into Los Angeles ports offloaded in September. The delays were so severe that President Biden proposed that the port be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but he did not address the truckers’ concerns.

According to the reports, President Joe Biden was almost an hour late for his State of the Union speech, spoke for about 10 minutes, didn’t address some of the more significant issues at the root of the supply chain difficulties, and then rushed out without taking any questions. He hasn’t asked any days, and he bolted when they tried to inquire about the more prominent concerns.

Moreover, Jen Psaki remarked that they are not the United States Postal Service. They cannot promise anything. Yes, it is correct. The federal government operates the postal service. Hence the “U.S.” in front of the “P.S.” She again demonstrated how the Biden Administration failed to address the underlying issues.

After a photo of nearly empty shelves at a grocery shop was shared thousands of times, the hashtag #EmptyShelvesJoe has been trending on Twitter. One person remarked that it is reasonably sure that Joe Biden and the Democrats in D.C. are eating just well and have no problems obtaining what they need.

Trump had a few words about the bare shelves, and he may be correct. But he wouldn’t be Joe Biden, who constantly seems to come up with the incorrect solution to every issue.