Biden Gets ‘Roasted’ For New Blunder With Face Mask

Joe Biden has exasperated a plurality of the nation with his neverending mandates. These mandates come despite Biden admitting last month that there is not a federal resolution to dealing with coronavirus at this point.

Right now, Americans are eagerly waiting for the Supreme Court to issue a ruling on two of the 46th president’s COVID vaccine mandates.

From the looks of things, the Supreme Court will likely allow the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers to stand while striking down the OSHA mandate that impacts millions of workers across the country.

However, as time passes, it’s becoming more and more apparent that no one will be able to mask or vaccinate their way out of COVID. Despite all the mask mandates and vaccine mandates in effect, COVID cases are still rampant.

Nevertheless, Biden’s recent encounter with the media has led Americans to call him out for his ridiculous, feckless, and ineffective mandates, as TheBlaze covers.

Days ago, Biden was videotaped speaking with press members outside the White House. At one point, the president was seen fiddling with his face mask and strangely moved it around on his nose and chin.

Moments afterward, Biden got annoyed with this. He openly said, “this looks stupid,” before taking off his face mask altogether and continuing his conversation with reporters.

This incident didn’t take long to go viral and make its rounds on social media. Many Americans weighed in with their views, stating that masks were for show.

Other people noted that even a broken clock gets the time right twice per day, saying that face masks do indeed look stupid.

Additional social media users also pointed out recent statements from health officials which assert that cloth masks (such as the one Biden wore) do absolutely nothing to stop the spread of Omicron.

Despite Democrats like Biden being the fiercest proponents of masks and mask mandates, they’ve also been caught breaking their own rules multiple times.

In 2021, Biden was seen at a DC restaurant without a mask, despite the restaurant’s mask mandate. Last year also marked House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who presently has COVID, despite being immunized and boosted) partying maskless in Florida, despite attacking the state and advocating for mandates.

Democrats like Joe Biden have no problem imposing all these restrictions and mandates on everyday Americans. Yet, they can’t be bothered to abide by what they advocate for.