Biden Gives More Credence To Rumors Of Tensions With Harris

Despite the best efforts of the White House, multiple reports have surfaced of problems between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Despite the president and vice president putting on a friendly appearance with one another during the presidential signing of the $1.2 trillion faux infrastructure bill, there’s certainly more than what meets the immediate eye.

For starters, Harris aides complained to CNN last month about Biden’s White House allegedly setting up the vice president to be the fall person. Then, there are reports that Jill Biden, the first lady, hasn’t liked Harris since she went after Biden during the 2020 Democratic primary debates.

The White House did its best last month to put to bed rumors of this nature. White House press secretary Jen Psaki declared that Biden regularly depends on Harris to provide valued counsel and feedback.

Nevertheless, Biden himself has now given credence to the rumors of ongoing tension between himself and the vice president, as pointed out by RedState.

During a legislation signing ceremony earlier this week, things got off to quite an awkward start. First, the president wound up being 40 minutes late to the event. Then, when he finally arrived, he struggled to pronounce the title of the legislation he was signing.

However, the situation took an incredibly fascinating turn when Biden stated the vice president has a years-long history of involvement in the fight for what he called “maternal mortality.” It was a slip of the tongue (or not) because the president quickly corrected himself by stating “maternal mortality.”

Some Americans speculated this could have been the president’s subtle way of getting in a jab against Harris. Others opined this was yet another example of Biden messing up and getting confused when he speaks.

The 46th president’s “morality/mortality” slip comes around the same time as reports stating the White House wants Harris out so severely there’s talk of her joining the Supreme Court.

Biden or his handlers may want the vice president to be replaced. However, assigning Harris to the Supreme Court is a bizarre way to go about it, even if they do. For starters, every Supreme Court seat is full. No vacancies are open. Quite literally, there is nowhere on the Supreme Court to put Harris.

At this point, it stands to reason Harris won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Even if Biden does eventually find a way to get a new vice president, no one should hold their breath waiting for Harris to join the Supreme Court of the United States.