Biden Grows ‘More Desperate’ As His Presidency Falls Apart

2022 has not gotten off to a perfect start for Joe Biden. To begin with, he went into this new year with a 33% approval rating. It is a historic low for Biden and the fact that it comes after less than one full year of his term speaks to his failure.

On top of this, the 46th President’s Build Back Better agenda is effectively dead in the water, seeing as he doesn’t have the votes to get it through Congress. The same is also true for Biden’s agenda to end the Senate filibuster and pass a series of bills that would federalize virtually every US election.

Against the backdrop of all this comes the Supreme Court’s verdict on Thursday that shut down Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for businesses across the United States.

However, new information from TheBlaze shines a light on just how desperate Biden’s become during the first two weeks of this new year.

Yesterday, the 46th President declared the need exists for social media companies to crack down against what he called “disinformation” and “misinformation.” According to Biden, the media and social networking companies should work together to “stop” things he doesn’t like to see online.

Of course, as many Americans know, “disinformation” and “misinformation” are terms that have become weaponized against anyone who espouses views running contrary to mainstream narratives.

It was called “misinformation” several months ago when people warned that COVID vaccines don’t do anything to stop the virus from spreading or infecting people. However, the CDC later admitted that COVID vaccines couldn’t prevent infection or acquisition.

Biden wants social media companies to yank down and censor anyone who disagrees with him. The 46th President himself has spread the “disinformation” he claims to oppose.

On multiple occasions, Biden claimed getting the COVID vaccine stops one from catching the virus or passing it onto others. It is not the case.

Biden’s calls for social media companies to censor people who say things he doesn’t like are rooted in fear. He is desperate because his leadership, bills, policies, and mandates are being rejected at every turn.

Also, contrary to what the President wants Americans to believe, he knows his party will get destroyed in November. Without Biden relying upon having a Democrat-controlled Congress in his corner, his reach as President is about to get a lot smaller.