Biden Is Actively Working To Usher In The Great Reset

Many Americans have heard of the term “The Great Reset.” It is something that’s been in the works for quite some time now. Ultimately, it boils down to the globalists and elites working to usher in a new system with one currency worldwide, no borders, and complete government control.

Some people have already caught onto the reality that Biden is working to implement the Great Reset. Leftists have dismissed them as “conspiracy theorists,” yet the truth is so readily apparent.

Biden’s agenda to bring the Great Reset into law is why he’s calling his agenda “Build Back Better.” As American Thinker points out, there is absolutely nothing “better” about what the Biden administration has in store for the United States.

Government control is the Great Reset’s ultimate enforcement arm. It is why the Biden administration is seeking to implement big government into virtually every aspect of Americans’ lives.

Look no further than the stunt Biden’s trying to pull with COVID vaccine mandates. Months ago, the 46th president’s own White House admitted the federal government didn’t have the authority to implement nationwide vaccine mandates.

Then, they later backtracked and announced sweeping medical mandates for any business with over 100 workers. Thankfully, the Federal Appeals Court pumped the brakes on this by putting an injunction on Biden’s vaccination order.

It’s not just vaccine mandates, though. Biden is weaponizing the Justice Department to target any parent who vocalizes their disagreements during school board meetings. He’s also trying to pump up the IRS with new workers and capital so they can prod around into Americans’ financial accounts.

One must also not forget that Biden is pushing an open borders agenda by refusing to get the southern border under control. It fits right in with the Great Reset’s agenda of no borders or boundaries.

Situations in America are pretty bleak right now. However, this does not mean all hope is lost. For the sake of the nation, however, stopping the Great Reset is imperative.

One of the first steps involves voting out globalists, Democrats, and RINOs who hate our nation and support the Great Reset. Each of these individuals must be replaced with America First conservatives who love the nation and freedom itself.

It’s apparent what Biden wants to do, and the moves he’s making continue to expose what he means when he talks about the “Build Back Better” agenda. The onus on Americans is now making sure that Biden and others were backing the Great Reset fail.