Biden is Going to Fix Trump’s “Fiscal Management” But Does Anyone Believe Him?

President Joe Biden’s been making some claims lately that he, and his administration, aren’t living up to. The most recent example of this is Biden’s claim that he’s fixing former President Donald Trump’s “fiscal management.”

Biden tweeted, “After my predecessor’s fiscal mismanagement, we’re reducing the Trump deficits and returning our discal house to order.”

What Biden isn’t counting toward fiscal responsibility is the economic shutdown in 2020 that the U.S. is still recovering from. That can’t be held against Trump. In fact, if you imagine the amount of spending that Biden’s done so far, the benefit doesn’t fit the risk.

According to statistics, everything that Trump did during his term outside of 2020 was incredibly reasonable and within the standard presidential growth with the standard being a low GDP growth the first year of office with the next years showing much more growth.

There are some serious issues that Biden isn’t handling very well. The energy crisis is one but it’s not alone. Gas prices hit over $5 per gallon causing some Californians to go to Mexico to fuel up their vehicles.

One Twitter user responded, “Gas is $6 a gallon here and it’s your fault.”

Maybe shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and refusing to push back on the court to continue the Willow Project wasn’t such a good idea.

This wouldn’t be as bad if Biden were just honest. Biden keeps saying we need to build from the bottom up and the middle out, but is anyone actually seeing that take place? Sure, Biden is claiming that nobody making under $400,000 is going to pay more in taxes, but does that mean they won’t pay more overall? Obviously not.

Raising taxes on the top 1% and corporations isn’t going to have an effect on them. What it’s going to do is cause them to raise prices on anything they sell to make up for lost revenue that’s taken from the federal government.

In 2019 when a debate turned to the topic of economics, Biden said, “the middle class is getting killed. The middle class is getting crushed. And the working class has no way up as a consequence of that.”

Biden hasn’t done anything about it, though. Biden’s focus on the top earners shows you exactly who he’s focused on, but it doesn’t appear he’s doing anything about it. It’s the same talk from the same man that has been promising solutions for years.