Biden is Not Happy About His Latest Poll Numbers

For months on end, Joe Biden’s poll numbers have been terrible.

Biden’s been unfailingly underwater in polls taken at state levels and the national level. Growing numbers of Americans disapprove of his overall job performance, along with his management of specific policies.

Late last year, the president laughed off his low poll numbers. They’ve gotten much worse since then; yet, before this year began, Biden admitted that he stopped tuning into polls once his numbers fell below a certain threshold.

As the current president’s poll numbers continue to plunge, they’ve now fallen below those of former President Trump. This is a revelation that’s now caught Biden’s attention and left him fuming.

A Nasty Wake-up Call For Biden?
Biden’s been consistently spiraling downward in all sorts of polls; only this time, he cares because Trump’s favorability rating is higher.

The former president carries a 43.9% favorability rating in a brand new RealClearPolitics poll. Biden, meanwhile, comes in at just 43.5%.

The latter isn’t happy and has apparently been sharp with his White House team for not helping him avoid this. Apparently, administration officials now plan to try fixing Biden’s poll numbers by having him be more visible in public.

Biden’s handlers likewise aim to increase attacks against Republicans as the midterm elections approach. These plans to boost the president’s visibility and go after his opponents are not addressing the heart of issues that are challenging everyday people.

They’re also not that original. Biden’s already been tossing more attacks against Republicans. However, this isn’t stopping the GOP from having some of the best prospects in decades of winning midterms elections.

The Only Hope For Biden’s Poll Numbers
There are a series of legitimate steps the president could take to improve his polling. However, he will not take them.

Biden’s been advised by critics on multiple occasions to bring back energy policies that thrived under the Trump administration. The president has rejected these appeals on numerous occasions, due to his climate change agenda.

Likewise, the White House has been repeatedly called upon to stop spending money.

Heavy spending led to today’s current inflation crisis. Yet, the administration is still pushing for packages involving more COVID relief funds, free-of-charge preschool, student loan forgiveness, and more.

Not a single person in the current White House has shown a willingness to alter current policies that are drowning Americans. For this reason, Biden should not expect any notable increases in his poll numbers.