Biden ‘Laughed Out’ Of The Room In New 2022 Poll

Since mid-2021, the approval polls of Joe Biden have gotten increasingly lower and more pathetic. Biden’s approval ratings are sinking like the Titanic, as are the levels of support for how he’s handling various policies and other matters across the United States.

Last year, Biden went on live TV and declared that once his approval ratings got low enough in the polls, he essentially started tuning them out. The 46th President got heavily criticized for this. Such an admission proved that Biden remains out of touch and ignorant of the thoughts and situations of the American people.

2022 is looking like it will be even worse for Biden than last year was. For starters, the United States Supreme Court shut down his COVID vaccine mandates for businesses across the country just last week.

On top of that, Biden pitifully began 2022 with a laughable approval rating of 33%. Now, RedState is reporting a new poll that’s getting the 46th President laughed out of the room entirely.

One of the last presidential polls to come out this year speaks volumes about the failure and ineptitude of Biden’s leadership.

According to a survey run by CBS and YouGov, only 26% of people in the United States believe the nation is doing well altogether.

This low number is followed by the 58% of Americans who maintain that Biden isn’t paying enough attention to the US economy. 65% of the country also shared this outlook regarding the President’s lack of regard for inflation.

Meanwhile, 62% of the country does not approve of how Biden deals with the economy. Merely 38% of Americans hold the opposing view.

The numbers get even poorer for the President regarding his approval ratings on inflation. Seven in ten Americans disapprove, while only three in ten approve.

As these numbers are bleak for the President, the final nail in the coffin comes with the 76% of folks who affirm passing the Build Back Better Act wouldn’t change their views regarding Biden.
With a 33% approval rating and a substantial majority of the nation harboring such disapproval of Biden, it’s not an exaggeration to say his presidency is in flames.

During recent White House press conferences, the administration has been questioned whether it is time to change their internal strategies. However, judging from the rhetoric of White House press secretary Jen Psaki, this administration has no plans to change what they’re doing.