Biden Losing Favor With His Own Vice President

At this point in Joe Biden’s presidency, it is a very well-known fact that he’s not liked or trusted amongst most Americans. This is statistically proven by polls that show Biden carrying an overall job disapproval rating several points above 50%.

When polls are broken down to Biden’s handling of issues like foreign policy, crime, education, inflation, etc., the president’s disapproval ratings pour into the 60% category, if not higher.

As the White House continues dodging problems and gaslighting the nation’s public, Biden is steadily losing favor within his own ranks.

White House aides are consistently trying to keep Biden from having too many unfiltered conversations with the media. Meanwhile, PJ Media confirms that Vice President Kamala Harris now appears to be snubbing Biden.

A Biden-Harris Fallout?

The media and White House have a vested interest in making the public believe Biden and Harris are thick as thieves. However, reality tells a very different story.

Last month, the office of the vice president was working with Biden’s team for a video collaboration involving student loan debt. Yet, before this collaboration could take place, Harris pulled out.

The vice president’s refusal to join the president in a video about student loan debt is quite interesting. It’s been revealed that Harris doesn’t believe Biden’s gone far enough in this regard.

While the president planned to announce a moratorium on student loan debt, the vice president believes this debt should be canceled (i.e. redistributed to US taxpayers).

In a nutshell, Harris didn’t want to be tied to Biden going in the former direction on student loan debt. Therefore, when she and her team realized what the White House’s official video would convey, Harris refused to be a part of it.

Burning Bridges Too Quickly?

As president, Biden may have achieved the feat of burning just about every single bridge he has.

Progressive Democrats are not happy with the president they helped elect. This is because they don’t believe he’s gone far enough to the left regarding matters like climate change, student loan debt, gun control, and more.

Meanwhile, moderates within the Democrat Party are put off by Biden’s radical measures involving wasteful spending bills, trying to overturn the Senate filibuster, and more. These concerns also apply to Independent voters across the nation.

Republicans, of course, aren’t thrilled with the actions Biden’s taken concerning pro-crime policies, attacking the Second Amendment, pushing medical tyranny, driving up inflation, etc.

Meanwhile, as all these key voter blocs, along with Biden’s own vice president, grow tired of him, he’s talking about his re-election plans for 2024.