Biden Makes Another Misstep In Shifting COVID Narrative

The Biden Administration has completely failed when it comes to dealing with COVID. For starters, Biden centered his 2020 campaign around the promise to make COVID a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, his presidency has led to massive rises in the virus, along with multiple new variants. All Biden’s done regarding COVID is push through a series of mandates derailing the economy and leading to mass staffing shortages.

Earlier in the week, Biden dug himself into yet another hole when he claimed no federal answer to dealing with COVID. Since making this claim, the 46th president and his White House have been forced to control the damage.

Yet, as RedState has confirmed, even the attempt to walk things back isn’t working out so well for the Biden administration.

During a video call with governors across the United States, Biden professed the virus has to be dealt with at state levels rather than at a federal level. Now, after bipartisan criticism, the White House and Biden are trying to make the country believe that Biden didn’t say this.

On Tuesday, as another means of trying to clean up his statements on Monday, Biden claimed that he’s put out a federal program that involves COVID vaccines and boosters to fight the virus.

Yet, this didn’t go over very well. As many Americans noted on Twitter, Biden (who is now calling on states to handle COVID) is the same person who screamed for GOP governors to “get out of the way.” It appears as though Biden now wants these governors to get back in the way of fighting against the virus.

Other Americans mocked Biden for harping on and on about his supposed plan to beat COVID, only for this so-called plan to turn out to be a giant nothing-burger.

It became apparent that Biden’s only plan to “defeat” coronavirus was to push for various mandates and hope this made the virus disappear.

Biden’s mandates have not stopped COVID. Instead, all they’ve done is trigger mass lawsuits and lead to severe economic challenges at a time when the economy is already in a dire position.

If Biden is truly serious about states being the ones to handle the virus, then he should immediately roll back every single tyrannical mandate he’s put into effect. It’s time for this president (for once) to put his money where his mouth is.