Biden Misses The Mark On COVID Tests Yet Again

For over one year now, Biden’s messaging on COVID has been up, down, and all over the place. In the months leading up to his presidency, while he was still campaigning, Biden told everyone that he had an almighty master plan to defeat coronavirus.

Almost 12 months into Biden’s presidency have passed. He’s done nothing to defeat this virus. All Biden has to show for his efforts are significant legal issues associated with his vaccine mandates, not to mention multiple new COVID strains and sky-high case numbers.

As 2021 closed, Biden’s message began to pivot yet again. This time, Biden said only state-level solutions existed to COVID rather than answers at the federal level. The president made clear that COVID testing would be an area he directed attention and focus to. Yet, even in this arena, Biden missed the mark, as noted by RedState.

Let’s rewind for a moment: back in October 2021, health officials pitched the White House a plan to make at-home COVID tests available to Americans nationwide. However, the Biden Administration openly laughed this off, stating they lacked the necessary resources to pull it off.

However, in December, once reports of mass new infections (despite vaccinations and boosters) came out, the White House slowly began to come around to the idea of increasing access to testing.

The Biden Administration announced forthcoming COVID testing centers, promising to order enough tests for Americans across the country to access. However, just like Biden’s promise to make COVID disappear, his testing initiatives have fallen flat.

There have been viral images of folks waiting in long lines to get tested for this virus. Some of these folks even had the misfortune of passing out in these lines while waiting for their tests.

Just this month, Biden was asked by the media about the country’s issues with COVID tests. The only thing the president could manage was telling the nation to do a Google search for “COVID tests near me.”

The Biden Administration doesn’t have any accurate, substantive measures planned when it comes to beating COVID or even getting more COVID tests into the hands of Americans.

All this failed administration has done is push for a series of unwanted, unpopular mandates. They’re also now putting lives at risk by standing in the way of states accessing monoclonal antibody treatments that can help folks who become COVID-positive.

At this point, it’s unfortunate that our nation is dealing with such ineffective, incompetent, and yet very dangerous leaders.