Biden Mocks Reporters Asking Questions He May Not be Able to Answer

Whenever Joe Biden finishes speaking to the press, his handlers immediately move in to corral reporters and get them out of the room so they can’t ask questions. Every second counts when you have a president in severe cognitive decline.

Yesterday the president offered public statements following his meeting with the President of Israel, but instead of the normal routine, Biden mocked the journalists as they were being ushered out by White House staff.

Naturally, people of power seek to maintain a healthy relationship with the press. As the saying goes, “never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.” But it’s clear Joe Biden no longer subscribes to that school of thought.

It’s interesting to compare our fearless leader’s behavior to that of President Isaac Herzog’s. He remains calm and seemingly unbothered by the journalists attempting to do their job. He’s likely wondering to himself why they’re forced to leave.

Although this is the first occasion Biden has lashed out at the press, he’s shown blatant disrespect for conservative journalists in the past.

In January 2022, Biden called Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a b—.” What was Doocy’s offense? He asked a question about inflation.

Biden press conferences have been few and far between, and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has seemed uninterested in satisfying reporters brimming with questions.

Reporters on an Air Force One flight were eager to learn more about the president’s “nuclear armageddon” comments made earlier this month.

Jean-Pierre arrived at the scheduled briefing much later than expected, giving little time for questioning. “Hey guys, so this is gonna be an incredibly short gaggle,” Jean-Pierre said to the press upon arriving.

“Is it ok if we just start with questions?” asked a reporter.

Jean-Pierre denied the request and instead rambled through a lengthy economic report containing “little new or pressing content.”

After announcing the next irrelevant topic she would cover, “can you just email that to us?” begged a reporter.

The result was the same as with the president’s brief media appearance yesterday. None of the questions that matter was answered and the press was left unsatisfied.

Biden is clearly sending a message to the press that he doesn’t appreciate the relentless curiosity and questioning. Then again, there’s a solid chance that he simply doesn’t have any answers, possibly warranting a small amount of sympathy.