Biden Nominated A Full Blown, Hardcore Marxist-Leninist For Treasury Boss

How is this even a possible timeline of the multiverse? The United States of America, after victoriously defeating the evilest empire in history, the Soviet Union, ends up falling to communism from within?

Here’s a hot take fresh out of the kitchen from Nikita Khrushchev, who aged very well. He should be proud! He told President Richard Nixon at the Kitchen Debate in Moscow in 1959: the Soviet premier told the U.S. president that his grandchildren would-be communists.

Years before that, Khrushchev famously predicted that “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the U.S. We will destroy you from within.”

Is Khrushchev also among the prophets?

He predicted that America’s freedoms and sense of life, the American dream, would be buried by our own “proletariat.” But it’s not the hard-working guys that get up every morning to keep the lights on, and water running, and trash collected, and all the things you buy coming in your city. Those guys were willing to give Donald Trump a chance at running the White House instead of Hillary Clinton.

It’s the class of people whose every bite of food, every night spent under a roof, every need has been provided for out of systems and institutions that get their resources out of the generosity of the Washington swamp.

It’s the career intellectuals, the chattering classes, the good for nothing, affluent socially middling to elite (the bourgeoisie and the Party) who have made a suicide pact with communism out of their dreadfully unfortunate and deeply-rooted perversion and confusion.

Like the New York Times staff, that has spent every year since Donald Trump became president publishing more and more feverishly stupid (and nauseatingly evil) pro-communism opinion pieces to persuade readers that communism in Soviet Russia was glorious and that Americans would be better off if we added some Karl Marx to Washington, Madison, Jefferson, and Franklin. Hell no. 

How did the New York Times survive as a business in America after doing something so stupid, hateful, and evil as defending communism? This sort of historical revisionism is not tolerated at all when it is done for Nazis and the gas chambers. It is deeply offensive, and the people who do this sort of thing end up, perhaps rightfully so, having their names and careers ruined forever so that they cannot work anywhere desirable again.

Meanwhile, you have world-class news elites like CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and rank and file Democrats defending the idea of violence against professed Nazi sympathizers. In the era of Antifa, these people say punching someone in the face for exercising their first amendment right is appropriate when they advocate for something antithetical to the Bill of Rights as Nazism. 

Well, that’s not what advocates for something even more horrific than Nazism get. They get Treasury department nominations from President Joe Biden. It cannot be allowed to stand.