Biden ‘Panned For Ducking’ The Media Amid Multiple International Crises

At this time, the world is being shaken by the ruthless attacks Russian President Vladimir Putin has chosen to unleash upon Ukraine.

Likewise, as Ukraine holds its ground and seemingly beats back Russia’s aggression, Putin appears to be getting even more unhinged, as seen in his order to put nuclear power on standby.

The United States of America and the West, in general, are being watched by our allies and enemies alike. Nations like China are assessing what’s currently happening and determining whether or not it’s safe for them to make moves of their own.

Unfortunately, Biden’s leadership in the face of geopolitical conflict has been lackluster at best. The world witnessed this last year during Biden’s haphazard handling of Afghanistan. A similar repeat is playing out as Biden treats Russia with kid gloves.

Meanwhile, the US President is also apparently attempting to go into hiding, as Twitchy reports.

When multiple international crises are playing out, the President of the United States should be front and center, not trying to avoid the public eye. When Biden ran to become President, this was the job he signed up for.

Nevertheless, Biden has been caught in the proverbial cookie jar with his hands.

On Monday, the sitting President limped back to the White House after spending his weekend in Delaware. The same weekend, Putin began drawing nuclear forces together and escalating threats against the West.

Upon returning to the White House, Biden was asked by the press about nuclear war and other questions relating to geopolitical affairs. However, the President ignored these inquiries, feebly walking away with his face mask on.

It isn’t the first embarrassing episode that Biden’s had when it comes to being asked questions by reporters on this issue. Biden appeared dazed, out of it, and uncertain when asked about the Russia-Ukraine crisis in a series of other unfiltered interactions with the media.

Biden’s second haphazard management of foreign policy matters has much of the nation wishing that President Trump was in office right now. If Trump were in office, the 13 American service members who lost their lives in Afghanistan last year would still be alive today.

Furthermore, if Trump were still President, Putin wouldn’t have targeted Ukraine, and he indeed wouldn’t be threatening the United States with nuclear war. Biden’s hands-off approach to this situation isn’t making Putin or other US enemies retreat.

It’s only conveying the message that now is the time for enemies of the West to strike and make moves.