Biden Promises Ukrainian Aid ‘As Long As It Takes’

President Joe Biden’s Republican critics were quick to lambaste his performance during Tuesday evening’s State of the Union address for its string of falsehoods and misleading statements.

His factually questionable speech did include a few statements that likely reflect his administration’s priorities, however, such as his commitment to spend an indefinite amount of money supporting Ukraine’s defense against invading Russian troops.

After sending billions of dollars and confirming plans to supply the country with a fleet of Abrams tanks, Biden affirmed this week that he will keep allocating U.S. resources to Ukraine for “as long as it takes.”

As the conflict enters its second year, the president called it a “test for the ages” and vowed that America would remain a central force as the war is expected to intensify.

“I spoke from this chamber one year ago, just days after Vladimir Putin unleashed his brutal war against Ukraine,” he said. “A murderous assault, evoking images of the death and destruction Europe suffered in World War II.”

The invasion, he said, resulted in some questions that the rest of the U.S. would have to answer.

“Would we stand for the most basic of principles?” he asked. “Would we stand for sovereignty? One year later, we know the answer. Yes, we would. And we did. Together, we did what America always does at our best. We led.”

Turning to Ukrainian Ambassador Oksana Markarova to conclude his comments on the matter, Biden said: “Ambassador, we’re united in our support for your country. We’re going to stand with you as long as it takes.”

Of course, not everyone in attendance is on the same page as the president when it comes to funding Ukraine’s defense. Even Biden expressed concern that sending offensive military equipment would usher in another world war before he reversed course and agreed to supply dozens of powerful tanks.

A growing number of GOP leaders, including those who initially supported some level of support for Ukraine, have begun to speak out against the unabated flow of money and supplies.

As for Biden’s vow to continue supporting Ukraine indefinitely, a recent poll found that the American people are less supportive of such a policy. In July, 58% of those surveyed said that the U.S. should support Ukraine as long as it takes, which is 10 points higher than when the same question was asked in December.