Biden Reveals His “Total Ignorance” About The United States Senate

Joe Biden has genuine problems as of late. As America is days away from the one-year marker of his presidency, Biden’s done a terrible job.

The nation faces bare shelves in stores nationwide, higher gas prices, rising crime, and growing authoritarianism. Biden has failed to make good on a series of promises that include unifying America, not pushing vaccine mandates, and more.

Right now, the 46th President is incredibly frustrated that his legislation isn’t making it through the Senate. Due to all 50 Senate Republicans and Senate Democrat Joe Manchin opposing the Build Back Better Act and multiple election takeover bills.

Earlier this week, Biden lashed out over this while speaking in Georgia. Yet, in doing this, the 46th President exposed his shocking lack of knowledge on the workings of the US Senate, as Twitchy documents.

Regarding the Senate, the President declared that “the majority” should have the final say on what goes. He also incorrectly stated the Senate is composed of “51 presidents.”

For starters, majority rule is what Biden is getting. In a Senate split into 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats, 51 lawmakers oppose his Build Back Better agenda. It opposes Biden’s agenda in the majority and of a bipartisan nature.

When Biden claims “the majority” should get their way, he means they should bow down and do what he says. Thankfully, that’s not how it works.

As most Americans likely know, the Senate does not have “51 presidents.” The Senate currently has 51 lawmakers who are opposed to the Build Back Better Act, the Senate filibuster, and a series of other hard-left bills.

The 46th President’s temper tantrum over the Senate refusing to give him what he wants is inane. It’s also another prime example of why he shouldn’t learn the country.

During the President’s time in Georgia earlier this week, he also called for the takedown of the Senate filibuster for Democrats to pass legislation that will strip states’ rights in their elections.

However, just like the Build Back Better Act, there is a bipartisan and majority opposition against ripping down the filibuster. All 50 Senate Republicans oppose doing away with the filibuster. Meanwhile, Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin has also spoken against ending the filibuster.

Perhaps Biden should brush up on learning about the Senate before he starts shouting out demands and other nonsensical statements.