Biden Still In Refusal About His Awful Survey Numbers

Less than one year in, Biden’s presidency has become a joke. Biden is quite literally the worst president this nation has ever had. He has managed to outdo every other president in literally setting records of a back-to-back, unceasing disasters. However, the worst of all is Biden’s inability to understand he is not doing well as president. 

After Biden’s ill management of the removal of troops from Afghanistan, he had the gall to declare the situation as a resounding success. Let’s not forget how the 46th president went about removing troops engendered 13 servicemembers being blown to pieces. 

On top of Afghanistan and Biden’s denial about the situation comes his bungling of the supply chain and the southern border that remains wide open for terrorists to come right on in. 

Considering all of these details and more, it’s no wonder that Biden’s approval rating is in the toilet. However, as Red State reports, the 46th president remains amazingly in denial about why his poll numbers are going down faster than the Titanic.

At this time, Biden’s approval rating sits at a pitiful 38%, while Vice President Harris’ approval rating is even worse at 28%. Now, any rational person, regardless of their political views, should look at these numbers and see they reflect the leaders. 

However, Biden can’t do this. While speaking with an Ohio news station, Biden ultimately passed the buck on the reality that fewer than four in ten Americans approve of him. Instead, the 46th president faulted mental scars for the reasons why so many people don’t like him.

Biden even dared to profess that he didn’t run to be president, just for the sake of the polls. Biden then pivoted, stating he would have his attorney general review whether or not gas companies are engaging in price gouging. 

Since Biden set foot in the White House, he has repeatedly demonstrated his immaturity and lack of reason, despite pushing 80-years-old. Biden is unreasonable and immature because he is incapable of taking responsibility for anything. 

This president called the debacle in Afghanistan a “success,” despite the deaths of our heroic troops and the return to power of a terrorist organization known as the Taliban. Now, Biden is passing the buck on his embarrassing poll numbers, blaming COVID, gas prices, and mental scars. 

It is inexcusable. It is not a president who has his head on straight. It is for this reason that Biden needs to be impeached and removed from the White House. He can also take Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi with him.