Biden Tries And Fails To ‘Distract’ America From His ‘Imploding’ Presidency

In many regards, the Biden Administration is a personified version of a trainwreck playing out in slow motion. Americans are watching it happen. Yet, stopping the crash seems next to impossible.

Across the board, this President has failed the nation and won’t own up to it. He’s created an economic disaster by spending way too much money at the federal level.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration shows more aggression towards Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida than they do to global enemies like China and Russia threatening the United States with war.

The President believes that not focusing on issues will make the public forget. It explains why Biden is not trying to distract from his failures by announcing his family’s adoption of a new cat, as covered by TheBlaze.

Many people across the United States would love an update on Biden’s doing to restore order to the supply chain or decrease prices. However, this week, the White House had a different update for the American public.

On Friday, the first lady’s office announced that the Biden family is adopting a new cat named “Willow.”

Meanwhile, in announcing this new addition to the first family, Russia could strike Ukraine any day now. Putin senses the inherent weakness of Biden and isn’t moved by his threats of economic sanctions.

China recently threatened the United States with war as all this plays out. Should we cease to back down from the defense of Taiwan? When Trump was in office, the leaders of Russia and China never would have dared to levy threats against America or openly threaten our allies.

Putin and Xi Jinping know they have absolutely nothing to fear with Biden in office. America’s enemies are laughing in our faces. Meanwhile, the Biden family wants us to know they’ve adopted a new cat.

In addition to severe foreign policy threats, Americans’ earnings are being demolished by rising inflation. The increase of prices across the board shows no sign of subsiding at any point in the foreseeable future.

Perhaps these are matters the White House should be addressing. Time and time again, this President and his administration harm the nation with destructive decisions and poor policies.

Then, they insult the intelligence of the American people by expecting everyone to forget about it with the passing of time or the announcement of a new pet. It’s time for this Administration to exit the stage left yesterday.