Biden Tries to Drive an 18-Wheeler Just Like Trump

In an attempt to compete with former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden tries to get the photo op that he’s been waiting for. Trump had taken several photos in an 18-wheeler before meeting with truck drivers and CEOs at the White House. Biden desperately wanted the same thing just before meeting with them, but it seems like nobody trusted him to even sit behind the driver’s seat.

Biden told the crowd, “I thought I was gonna get to drive one of these suckers today” while addressing a crowd 90-days after the launch of his trucking plan. Obviously, that didn’t happen and no Biden has never driven an 18-wheeler. Still, Biden repeated the claim that he had.

Biden previously said that he took a 536-mile trip from Delaware to Ohio in a 47,000-pound cargo truck, but it’s never been confirmed. Maybe that was when Biden was hanging out with Corn Pop, who likely doesn’t exist either. Biden referenced a woman named “Big Mama” who he met during the trucker strike and along with Corn Pop, she seems to only exist in his imagination. At least Biden didn’t say “Negro” in this speech as he’s been known to say.

Biden also said, “You all literally make the economy run. If you all quit, everything comes to a halt. Think about it. I’m not joking. Think about it, things would come to a literal halt.”

Maybe if Biden wouldn’t have tried to put Covid-19 vaccine mandates in place there wouldn’t be a threat of truckers quitting. The entire country would have been affected if the Supreme Court didn’t step in and tell him no.

With Biden, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg attended the event and used the old line about a truck driver telling him that “infrastructure is our workplace.” That’s not brilliant or philosophical, it’s just common sense. It’s also unlikely that the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package is going to solve everyone’s problems.

Biden and Buttigieg encouraged more veterans and women to join the trucking industry but sadly this was just a copy of Trump’s previous setup at the White House during the photo op from 2017.