Biden’s Ambassador to China Has a Deeply Troubling History

Since Joe Biden got into the White House, he’s taken heat for various individuals he’s chosen to lead parts of the government.

It wasn’t too long ago that Biden’s Comptroller of the Currency expressed open support for ending private banking and witnessing the energy industry decline. Then, when Biden nominated Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Jackson, she told Congress that she couldn’t define the term “woman.”

Unfortunately, the pattern of Biden choosing the wrong people for positions of power continues. However, the latest revelations about his Ambassador to China could potentially pose national security concerns.

What to Know About Biden’s Ambassador to China
The president’s policies, along with his family’s past business ties, raise questions about how beholden he could possibly be to the Chinese communist regime.

Now, it’s just come out that Ambassador to China Nick Burns previously appeared as a leading official of an event linked to the Chinese Communist Party’s US-China Heartland Association (USCHA).

It just so happens that USCHA is well-known for going after farmland based in America and even US farmers themselves. This follows years of concerns about Chinese officials buying up heaps of American land with questionable intentions.

Burns’ ties to the USCHA involve his employment with various firms that put the interest of China first. USCHA, upon review, has been widely deemed as a group centered on imposing Chinese control over America via our agricultural industry.

On top of this, Burns has a pattern of saying that America and China need to work together more closely. Meanwhile, China continues to make clear that global domination, not collaboration with America, is its priority.

A Pattern of Biden Putting China First?
Biden’s support of China goes back decades, far beyond his family’s known business dealings with the company or his time as president.

However, since Biden’s been in office, he’s made questionable decisions involving China. One of the latest examples includes taking emergency oil from the United States and sending it to the Chinese.

Thus far, the Chinese communist regime hasn’t been sending over its emergency supplies to the United States. In fact, Beijing communists just finished lashing out at the United States over various American officials visiting Taiwan.

Just far, the push by Burns and Biden for America to make nice with China remains very one-sided. There’s no telling what else the White House has planned as it relates to the communist regime.