Biden’s Border Chief Expands Authority For Illegal Migrant Entry

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently announced that illegal migrants who have been caught and deported can now use the “CBP One” cellphone app to gain permission to re-enter the United States. This app allows migrants to request entry through official ports, facilitating a legal spin on illegal immigration.

Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, criticized the move, stating that the administration aims to process illegal migrants through this app to avoid directly barring them from entry. The “CBP One” app is designed to provide migrants with a parole status, enabling them to work legally in the U.S. and pay off their smuggling debts.

Mayorkas, who was recently impeached by the House, suggested he has the authority to increase the number of migrants entering through this app, despite Congress’s established immigration limits. He stated that the current capacity of 1,400 to 1,500 daily appointments could increase with more funding for port improvements.

This policy effectively allows nearly 550,000 migrants annually, equating to one illegal migrant for every seven American births. Krikorian argues that this creates a parallel illegal immigration system, doubling the number of illegal aliens compared to legal immigrants.

Mayorkas is strongly supported by West Coast investors, who benefit from the influx of workers, renters, and consumers. He justifies his policy by emphasizing the economic necessity of migration and the moral imperative of equity for migrants. His approach aims to expand the U.S. economy by increasing the number of consumers and workers.

Critics argue that this policy undermines the wages and opportunities of American workers and benefits coastal investors and government elites at the expense of ordinary Americans. The increased migration also burdens the country’s infrastructure and social services.

Mayorkas’s stance reflects a broader Democratic Party strategy that unites progressives and investors. This coalition uses migration to shift wealth and power from ordinary Americans to the nation’s elite.