Biden’s “Clean Energy” Pitch Has Been a Complete Failure

The results of Joe Biden’s war against oil and gas companies in America are costing the nation greatly. Everyday Americans are routinely forced to break the bank paying for gas, due to the president’s opposition to pipelines, drilling permits and federal land leases.

Across the country, gas prices are going up. This has led to more calls for America to return to its previous state of energy independence; although, the president and his administration continue to stand in the way of that.

With much of the American public in a bind, Biden is using the opportunity to advocate for “clean energy” and the eradication of fossil fuels. Yet, even this pitch is turning out to be a dumpster fire, as documented by Red State.

The Unsuccessful Pitch for Clean Energy

While unfairly demonizing oil and gas companies, Biden is using this time of crisis in America to usher in his own political agenda.

Within the past week, the president has ordered the use of the Defense Production Act as a long-term plan to create the materials needed for electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, it’s important to note that the Defense Production Act is only supposed to be employed in times of emergencies, not when the president wants to punish oil and gas companies.

On Thursday, Biden delivered a speech in which he tried to justify the damage he’s doing to the U.S. energy industry and economy. The president even made the case that Americans can save $80 on a monthly basis if they purchase electric vehicles.

What Biden didn’t mention is the reality that electric vehicles are more expensive than vehicles that run on gas; they’re also beyond unaffordable in the current economy.

While speaking, the president read from a teleprompter; yet during one part of his “clean energy” speech, Biden became visibly lost. He struggled to read what was boldly printed on the teleprompter in front of him, leading the president to throw out various slurred and unintelligible words.

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Problems

Biden’s horrible misuse of the Defense Production Act is far from the only anti-energy policy that’s hurting this country.

Due to U.S. gas prices reaching some of the highest rates in history, Biden is planning to release millions of oil barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for six months in an effort to mitigate shortages until the midterm elections in November.

As many conservatives have already pointed out, this is a horrible solution. And it won’t lead to long-term decreases in gas prices.

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is for times of serious emergencies and wars. It’s not for the president to tap into because of his vendetta against fossil fuels.

At the end of the day, Biden’s “clean energy” agenda is bleeding this country dry with no end in sight. No number of speeches in the world will change this reality.