Biden’s Climate Change Came a Bit Quicker than Expected

We’ve all had enough of President Joe Biden and his entire team of Democrats that are trying their best to destroy the United States and profit as much as they can on the way down. Then again, if politicians believed that climate change was going to raise sea levels and destroy the earth, why are they continually buying beach houses that’ll, according to them, will be underwater soon?

Not only is Biden’s trip to Europe to “rally the international community” going to impact the environment with jet fuel and unnecessary stops, but the photo posted on Biden’s Twitter page isn’t exactly seasonally accurate.

The tweet says, “I’m on my way to Europe to rally the international community in support of Ukraine and ensure Putin pays a severe economic cost for his war of choice.”

There are several inaccuracies in the messaging, but take a look at the photo used to represent March at the White House:

A Twitter user responded to the president’s post saying, “International community or the NATO members? The world doesn’t revolve around America. Other Countries are wary of following the US blindly.”

That specific change in direction happened almost instantly when Biden took office. The withdrawal from Afghanistan caused other countries to become wary of working with the U.S.

But back to the president’s fake news Twitter post. As Ian Miles Cheong tweeted, “It’s already summer?”

A picture from the live feed of the White House was also posted as a response to Biden’s tweet:

Not exactly sunshine and butterflies on the day Biden departed for his trip.

The true disaster is the dishonest nature of Biden’s character. It’s not that Biden actually runs his Twitter account, but after the White House met with journalists to help Biden seem a bit more presidential, there shouldn’t be much confidence in the current administration. This is the clearest example of political theater that we’ve ever seen.

Biden’s policies have destroyed Americans’ trust in the government. The repercussions of the actions taking place right now will reflect a turning point in history. And, hopefully, the Democrats have played their last card.