Biden’s Climate Envoy in Denial About America’s Energy Needs

In Joe Biden’s America, energy costs are far higher than they ever should have been. Contrary to claims from the current White House, these price increases are due to anti-energy reforms put in place by Biden and his radical handlers.

The president is lying to Americans when he says energy suppliers and the fossil fuel industry are price gouging or taking advantage of the war in Ukraine.

Oil companies and others in the energy industry are now pushing back against these repeated claims coming from Biden and White House officials. These suppliers continue to explain how the president’s anti-energy policies are putting the squeeze on everyday Americans.

Sadly, this White House doesn’t get it and doesn’t care. This was made evident by recent statements from John Kerry, Biden’s envoy on climate.

Reviewing Kerry’s Latest Remarks on American Energy Production
In order for energy prices to decline in the United States, production needs to be made easier and less expensive. However, Kerry has a very different perception, by his own admission.

During a sit-down with the University of Southern California, Kerry said, with a straight face, that America does not require more coal, access to drilling, or other similar policies. Biden’s climate envoy then went on to argue that returning to these reforms would “cook” the United States.

Sadly, Americans today are being cooked by sky-high energy prices. In states like Ohio and Michigan, police can’t even afford to answer every 911 call or do patrol runs, due to high gas prices.

However, Kerry’s statements about drilling and energy production were so out of left field that they even went against what the president himself has claimed. In a recent letter to fossil fuel leaders, Biden chastised them for a lack of crude oil access.

Yet, as these suppliers later pointed out, Biden’s own policies aren’t in keeping with refining crude oil or otherwise producing US energy, for that matter.

Similar Remarks From Biden Officials
John Kerry is far from alone in making comments about America’s energy crisis that are out of touch.

Recently, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, along with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, stated people should go purchase electric vehicles if current gas prices are too much for them.

Electric vehicles, along with their charging stations, remain in very limited supply. Moreover, the price range of these vehicles is far beyond what Americans can afford.

Of course, none of this will stop the White House from proceeding exactly as it has been when it comes to energy production in America.