Biden’s Delusions Reach New Depths Of Insanity

As Biden’s presidential term drags on, he continues to demonstrate increasingly concerning levels of delusions.

The president claims his administration is concerned about Americans spending more money on gas pumps. Yet, Biden bears full responsibility for shutting down U.S. pipelines, thus making it harder to produce energy in the United States.

Let’s also not forget that as Biden accuses gas and oil companies of intentionally gouging their prices, he has also announced intentions to increase oil and gas drilling fees. Meanwhile, Biden’s also trying to destroy the Line 5 pipeline.

The 46th president’s policies aren’t just destroying energy independence. They’re also gutting jobs and the economy. However, the Next News Network points out recent remarks from Biden, which indicate he is genuinely out of touch with the impacts of his presidency.

The 46th president believes his administration is prioritizing businesses and jobs in the United States. On Monday, Biden made demonstrably untrue claims that as president, he remains focused on economic matters.

Meanwhile, for Americans with a healthy grasp on reality, the economy is barely treading water, thanks to this president. Inflation is out of control. Businesses are struggling with worker shortages and staying afloat in uncertain times.

Nevertheless, by his admission, Biden believes America’s economy is getting more “dynamic” and “innovative” with him in the White House. During public remarks, the 46th president openly declared “record” growth of the economy is happening on his watch.

The president also made sure to proclaim “the facts” show his administration is one of businesses and jobs in the United States. Meanwhile, as Biden told these fictitious tales with the press surrounding him, he still has to fix the supply chain. This, too, is hurting America’s economy.

It is perilous to have a president suffering from delusions of this magnitude at this point in our nation. America is facing enough challenges as is. The last thing we need is a leader who tells the country everything is great when, in fact, things are not great.

Throughout the less than one year Biden’s been in office, he has repeatedly demonstrated he lacks the judgment and mental fortitude to serve as president.

One example is rolling back the previous administration’s immigration policies and then doing nothing as the southern border succumbed to chaos. Another situation that demonstrated Biden’s lack of leadership fitness materialized when he described his pullout from Afghanistan as successful.

If Biden remains in office for another three years, there’s no telling what stunts he’ll pull next. It is time to invoke the 25th Amendment and have Biden removed from the office of the presidency.