Biden’s Electric Vehicle Push Has Some Problems

Joe Biden and his handlers in the White House have been very clear their dream is for the American public to drive electric vehicles.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, and others in the Biden White House argue electric vehicles will help people avoid high gas prices and also be friendly to the environment.

What Buttigieg, Granholm, and other Biden administration officials aren’t mentioning, however, is the expensiveness of these electric vehicles.

That’s not to mention other issues, such as them being in very low supply or America’s lack of access to the material needed for EV batteries.

However, even in certain blue states, the narrative that electric vehicles are the great solution has run into some snags.

Lack of Charging Stations?
Colorado, New Mexico, and other states on the West Coast don’t have the bandwidth to create charging stations that are necessary for electric vehicles.

In order for these charging stations to be set up in compliance with the Department of Transportation’s standards, they need to be available every 50 miles on highways.

Now, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) says “more flexibility” is needed in order for states to set up charging stations accordingly.

In some western states, there aren’t even gas stations every 50 miles on highways. This has become such an issue that state-level Departments of Transportation are sounding the alarm about realistic infrastructure vs. what the Biden administration is demanding.

The president seems to believe that charging stations for electric vehicles can easily be set up where rest stops are. However, this is incorrect. Power grids, lighting, and other resources that would be needed to create charging stations are often not available at many rest stops.

As such, federal officials who want electric vehicle charging stations to be set up every 50 miles on state highways may want to rethink this.

A Hasty, Dangerous Agenda
The clash between state-level infrastructure and Biden’s demands for electric vehicle charging stations is staggering. At the very least, it demonstrates the president and his handlers haven’t completely thought through their policies on this matter.

Many Americans have concerns about just how far Biden will go in order to get people to use electric vehicles across the country.

Some have even suggested the high gas prices are intentional and being used to strong-arm electric vehicles and other left-wing climate policies into action.

These concerns are fueled by the president’s refusal to embrace pro-energy reforms that reduce gas prices without electric vehicles.