Biden’s Energy Plan Has Made Everything Worse

The prices of gas in America today are far higher than they ever needed to be. Had Joe Biden not opted to roll back energy independence, shutter pipelines, and otherwise gut natural resources, life for Americans would be much easier.

As gas prices eat Americans out of house and home, the White House wants the public to think Russian President Vladimir Putin is at fault. In actuality, Putin’s war against Ukraine started after gas prices in America began rising unnecessarily.

Weeks ago, Biden told the nation that digging into America’s strategic oil reserves would be the required solution to reduce gas prices. However, as Red State points out, the president’s masterplan was a complete failure.

A Major Abuse of America’s Emergency Supplies
The strategic oil reserves of the United States exist for the country to use during times of war or other genuine emergencies. This oil is not meant for a president to use as a plan b when his attacks against the energy sector backfire on the US economy.

In March, Biden opted to release 180 million barrels of the strategic oil reserves. Fast forward to present day and now the average cost of gas is $4.37 per gallon. In some California counties, gas prices are as high as $6 per gallon.

From the moment this administration announced its decision to deplete America’s strategic oil reserves, conservatives warned it would be a mistake.

Despite Biden draining America’s emergency supplies, his plan has never been to bring down gas prices.

Understanding Biden’s True Objective
Essentially, the president wants to completely destroy the energy sector in America. After this destruction, he wants to bring in electric vehicles, solar panels and other “clean energy” alternatives as replacements.

This is an agenda that the White House remains set on, despite the clear harm it would inflict on Americans. The average person today can’t even afford an electric vehicle.

In California, at least one-fourth of electric vehicle charging stations do not work. Imagine how much harm it would cause if everyone was reliant on electric vehicles nationwide.

Unfortunately, this administration will never take any legitimate action to reduce energy costs. Americans should be prepared for this and what it might mean in the future, despite what Biden says.

At every turn, the current administration prioritizes its partisan goals over the success of the United States.