Biden’s Failure To Boost His 33% Approval Rating

Joe Biden is proving to be the worst President who has ever served the country in the history of the United States. The reality shreds evidence that more than half of the country disapproves of his work, while only 33% approve.

Biden can’t even make his party and base happy, unlike other Presidents to come before him. For weeks, progressives and other Biden voters have openly talked about primarying him during the 2024 presidential race.

The progressive backlash against the 46th President stems from the reality that he’s abandoned vows he made to his base to make their student loan debt go away and bring climate change solutions into effect.

Meanwhile, Independent voters have grown tired of Biden, as have Republicans. As Biden’s presidency continues to fall apart, he’s employed a desperate attempt of trying to pull things together, as Twitchy points out.

On Friday afternoon, Biden made a pitiful attempt to redirect attention from his failures to an infrastructure spending bill passed in 2021. The 46th President held a press conference to discuss how rebuilding bridges is possible because of this package.

Like everything else Biden does, this latest instance of him missing the mark was widely criticized on social media platforms like Twitter. Americans rightfully pointed out that Biden remains as tone-deaf as ever.

The reality here is that Americans aren’t thinking about infrastructure or bridges. They’re worried about inflation and an economy on life support. Biden has not addressed inflation in the slightest whatsoever.

Neither he nor his administration is doing anything to get prices under control. Inflation isn’t worse because Republican senators and two moderate Senate Democrats are standing against the radical spending measures and choosing to uphold the filibuster.

Every day, Joe Biden proves that he could not be more out of touch with the American people. Although, at this point, it seems as though Biden’s disconnect is intentional rather than by mistake.

Around the middle of 2021, Biden admitted that he quit paying attention to where his national approval numbers were once they got into the low zone. The 46th President thought this was funny. However, the rest of the nation wasn’t amused.

If Biden’s not paying any mind to his low poll numbers, then he’s also not following the issues that Americans repeatedly note in polls as matters of concern.

If this President cared about boosting his 33% approval rating, he’d stop talking about infrastructure and start making moves to better the US economy.