Biden’s Federal COVID Vaccine Mandate Is In Jeopardy

When Joe Biden was running for president during last year’s election, he stated he would not make COVID vaccines mandatory. 

After what America underwent regarding mask mandates last year, many people were understandably concerned that vaccine mandates would arise as soon as the vaccine became readily available. 

It is what happened months ago. Biden declared he was using the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as the tool to implement and enforce a COVID vaccine mandate for millions of American workers. 

At this time, the president is already being sued over his medical mandates for federal contractors and his medical mandates for businesses that employ 100+ workers. The Federal Court of Appeals recently implemented and then reaffirmed a halt on Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate. 

However, a specific retweet from White House chief of staff Ron Klain may inadvertently contribute to Biden’s illegal and unjust mandate ultimately being struck down, as reported by Twitchy.

In September, MSNBC news anchor Stephanie Ruhle tweeted out that OSHA’s vaccine mandate under the guise of emergency safety in the workforce sets the stage for the federal government to mandate vaccinations. 

For some unknown reason, the White House chief of staff retweeted this message. Now, it turns out the Federal Court of Appeals did take Klain’s retweet of Ruhle’s post into account when implementing the halt on Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate. 

At this point, it certainly appears like Biden’s medical mandate will be ruled illegal and unconstitutional by the court. When the Federal Court of Appeals first implemented the halt against Biden’s mandate, it cited constitutional and statutory concerns as the present. 

Many Republicans have warned Biden’s mandate is illegal and not something the federal government has the power to implement. Yesterday’s news that the Federal Court of Appeals reaffirmed their halt against the OSHA mandate comes as a significant blow to the Biden administration. 

Putting aside court rulings for a moment, it is indeed revealing that the White House chief of staff all but confirmed that Biden’s mandate does open the door to additional vaccine mandates from the federal government. 

This admission is all the more reason why OSHA’s mandate needs to be defeated. Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis said it best when he warned that the left would go even further if their current medical mandates were not shut down and defeated. 

The court’s halt against Biden’s mandate is good news. Now, it’s imperative to hold the line and keep fighting until this mandate is finished and out of the question.