Biden’s First Year As President “Turns Out Worse” Than Anyone Imagined

With the first year of Biden’s presidency behind us, the nation still has three more years to go before we’re rid of this administration once and for all.

Make no mistake: no one thought Biden would do an excellent job as President. In fact, in the time since he’s been in office, many of his voters have conceded that their support for him boiled down to the fact that he wasn’t Donald Trump.

Americans who cast ballots in Biden’s column didn’t honestly vote for him. They voted against Trump. However, the time in which the 46th President has been in office has led to a percentage of people admitting they regret voting him into the White House.

It shouldn’t come as a shock, seeing as polling indicates Biden’s first year in office turned out worse than virtually anyone could have imagined, according to RedState.

At this time, 72% of the country believes that the United States is on the wrong track. It is a groundbreaking statistic. It also shows that Republicans aren’t the only ones in America with concerns about its leadership.

To top it all off, when folks were asked to describe where the nation presently stands after 12 months of Biden as President, the responses were quite telling. Americans used the words “downhill,” “negative,” “struggling,” “divided,” and “bad” to convey where the nation is under the current leadership.

Let’s not forget that Biden was supposed to be a unifying President. At least, that’s what he campaigned on, although most people on the right knew better. Nonetheless, Biden campaigned on being a unifying, moderate President who would turn down the temperature, bring people together, and heal divides.

As it turns out, this was nothing more than a sleazy sales pitch that Biden used to con his way into the Oval Office. The 46th President has been the most divisive individual to hold the White House. He’s demonized people for their personal medical decisions and likened his political opponents to racist segregationists.

At this time, many Americans are wondering whether these next few years will get better or worse for the nation.

On the one hand, Biden sees nothing wrong with his leadership thus far. Hence, he sees no need to make any changes or modifications.

On the other hand, the midterm elections coming up in November provide a chance for the Republican Party to regain dominance in the Senate and the House. With Congress back under GOP control, Biden can be effectively countered and limited in the moves he can make to hurt our country further.

At the end of the day, whether or not America gets better or worse over these next few years will largely depend upon the outcome of the November midterms.