Biden’s Grand Promises On COVID Come Back To Bite Him

Joe Biden has genuinely made a mess of things. When Biden was running to be president, he promised the United States he would “defeat” COVID and usher in a new dawn.

Biden has not done this. Instead, he’s forced through tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates that are now being held up in federal court amid massive lawsuits. Biden’s COVID vaccine mandates have furthermore engendered flight delays, a supply chain crisis, and more.

At the same time, Biden’s poll numbers are taking an ongoing turn for the worst. One of the latest surveys shows the 46th president at a mere 36% approval rating.

Now, Twitchy reports, the Biden administration is banking on the president getting a handle on COVID as his key to winning back support from Americans.

The Biden administration has repeatedly shown it doesn’t know which way is up from down. It is apparent with every move it makes. However, the White House is truly in a sad state of denial regarding the president’s dismal poll numbers.

The Biden administration believes getting rid of COVID is the key to fixing the president’s rapidly sinking approval ratings. However, COVID is far from the underlying culprit.

It’s about the vaccine mandates Biden’s pushing through, mandates which are hurting the economy, putting businesses in a tight spot, and depleting the workforce. More damage hasn’t been done due to an injunction from the Federal Appeals Court.

Biden’s 36% approval rating is due to his policies engendered inflation, high living costs, and lower living conditions. The low approval for the president is because the southern border is crawling with drugs, illegal immigrants, human traffickers, etc.

Let’s not forget Biden’s war on the energy sector, causing high gas prices and making it more costly for people to stay warm during winter.

The president’s failure to defeat COVID is barely the tip of the iceberg. He also pledged to unify the United States. Yet, under Biden, divisions have surged nationwide. Biden likewise abandoned his promise to cool down the heated temperatures in the nation.

On the contrary, the president has turned up the temperature immensely by pushing destructive policies and spewing hateful rhetoric. Biden has demonstrated that he is not equipped to handle policy, COVID, or any other issue the United States is currently facing.

Just as Biden’s promises on COVID are coming back to bite him, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the dominoes fall as well.